Anchor Sweep Blade

This design has been standard in the industry for decades. While it will not provide the vertical movement in the batch that our helical design does, it will move the product off the wall to provide improved heat transfer and eliminate dead zones in the batch. Riser structures other than the triangular type normally require a stabilizer ring at (or near) the top of the blade.


This is Hockmeyer’s premium design. This type of riser is the strongest and most durable, designed specifically for the type of forces the sweep blade encounters. Also, the three flat sides ease clean-up on high viscosity products. While this is the most expensive option, many customers prefer the longevity and reduced maintenance of this design. No stabilizing rings are required due to the strength of this design.

Machine Features

  • Move product off vessel wall
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Eliminates batch dead zones


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