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When choosing the best piece of equipment for your process, it is important to carefully evaluate how it will perform your unique products. Equipment should fit into your current process seamlessly or, ideally, remove steps to help create a leaner process. Many factors come into play when choosing a piece of equipment right for you: process time, scale-up, cleanability, product loss, ergonomics, and the ability to meet or exceed your standards.

Since we understand how challenging this process can be, we equipped our Customer Service and Testing Facility with laboratory models of all our most popular equipment. Additionally, initial testing is always free.


  • Milling: Grinding & Dispersion test units are available from 250 ml to 55 gallons.

A Hockmeyer employee reviewing testing results.

  • Mixing & Dispersion: Single Shaft, Dual Shaft, Special Mixing Tools.  Test units are available from 2 gallons to 35 gallons.
  • Tank Washing: Automated tank and tote washing as a technique to reduce hazardous waste and increase plant safety.
  • Process Development: New products can be very challenging.  Let us help you find the right equipment and process.
  • Particle Size Analysis: Proprietary software to analyze particle size and distribution.

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A Hockmeyer employee reviewing testing results.

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