Test-To-Own Demo Program

After witnessing how well your process performs with Hockmeyer equipment, you will want to replicate the process at your facility. To ensure consistent batch runs at your factory, Hockmeyer offers customers our Test-to-Own Demo Program to establish the production parameters in your own environment before making a long-term Capex commitment. For business owners, this means low up-front costs.

From power-house companies in printing inks, coatings, adhesives, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and specialty chemicals to upstart entrepreneurs, many have used the Test-To-Own Demo Program of Hockmeyer machines. But each industry has its own needs for data collection and internal testing.

Some prefer to gather data in their environment, while others need extensive trials to validate new processes. This no-commitment evaluation period also allows decision-makers to attain operator buy-in through hands-on training and to secure financial support through data collection. Additionally, using Test-to-Own allows you to do:

  • Unlimited Internal testing
  • Closely monitored process validation
  • Hands-on operator training
  • Unrestricted data collection
Read The Benefits of Test-to-Own for more information about our Demo Program.

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No-commitment evaluation period for decision makers to secure financial and technical support through data collection and operator buy-in through hands-on training. Regardless of industry or application, the benefits of Test-To-Own are:

  • Unlimited Testing
  • Process development and validation
  • Hands-on operator training
  • Unrestricted data collection
  • Low up-front costs
  • No Capex commitment

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