D – Blade

D' Style Ring Blade

The ‘D’ blade, also known as the “Ring” blade, is a powerful tool for optimizing disperser performance. It consumes more horsepower than the saw tooth blade, typically runs at higher tip speeds (5700 + fpm), and performs more like a rotor-stator. As shown in the diagram to the right, much of the ring blade’s work is done hydraulically as centrifugal force drives the product between the contoured rings. This creates velocity differentials and a high-pressure zone within the rings. As the product is discharged into the low-pressure area outside the rings, a venturi effect is created splitting and tearing the fluid as it is discharged. Additional heat is created as a by-product of the higher shear. However, the higher shear level eliminates or greatly reduces any subsequent milling that may have previously been required. The “Ring” blade is a patented Hockmeyer innovation. The secret of this blade? The double-cutting combination of the teeth and outer blades, or rings. These allow the blade to disperse, deagglomerate, dissolve and emulsify. The “Ring” blade handles the toughest pigment agglomerates, rapidly dissolves resins, gums, and similar materials. It even works effectively within a liquid/liquid system, creating a film-splitting venturi effect.

Machine Features

  • Optimizes disperser performance
  • Double cutting of inner and outer blades


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