Milling Technology

HCP Drum Mill

Our Patented Immersion Mill uses circulation milling technology by rapidly pumping the slurry through the media field many more times and more efficiently than any other mill, including basket, horizontal or vertical mills. Remember that any mill that relies upon tank-to-tank or same-tank re-circulation is not a continuous process but a batch process. The drum mill is designed to work on pail and drum-sized batches as an easy way to make products without changing containers: make-and-ship.

Drum mills and mixers can be mounted on a rail system, allowing the mixer and mill to slide from side to side to service multiple tanks.

Machine Features

  • 20 Hp
  • 115″ Overall Height, 36″ Stroke, 22″ Width
  • Water-cooled dome for temperature control
  • Upper auger to consistently feed material into the mill chamber
  • Variable Frequency Inverter
  • A compact wall-mounted column uses a counter-balance for manually raising and lowering the machine
  • 8” Diameter Basket – 2.5 Liter Media Capacity. Basket available with .27 mm and .5 mm slots
  • 1-Liter Media Basket also available
  • Turbo or Marine Style Propeller
  • Start and Stop Push Buttons, a Speed Potentiometer, Jog and Emergency Stop
  • Safety Features include a Height Limit Switch, Shaft Guard and Can Lock
  • Support Legs available for Floor Mounting

Covered by one or more of the following patents: 5,184,783; 5,497,948; 5,820,040; 7,175,118; 7,559.493; 7,828,234; 7,883,036; 7,914,200; 8,182,133; 8,376,252; 8,733,677; 9,597,691 B1


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