High Viscosity Mixers

HHL-III Triple Shaft Mixer / Disperser

Hockmeyer's multi-shaft mixers have a center mounted low speed helical or anchor blades, which sweep the mixing vessel wall and one or more high-speed dispersion shafts to insure proper dispersion. Multi-shaft mixers are most often used to mix medium to very high viscosity products. The high-speed shaft provides shear to disperse or dissolve ingredients. The low speed feeds the dispersion blade by blending and folding the mass in the vessel to improve product uniformity. The patented scrapers provide excellent heat transfer and aid in powder incorporation.

Triple Shaft Disperser

Hockmeyer’s Triple-Shaft Mixers have a center-mounted low-speed Helical or Anchor Sweep blade sweeping the mixing vessel wall and two additional high-speed shaft(s). The high-speed blade(s) typically provide high shear to disperse or dissolve ingredients. The low-speed blade feeds the high-speed blade (s) by blending and folding the mass in the vessel and improves product uniformity by scraping the walls. Triple-shaft mixers are most often used to mix medium to high viscosity products.

A high-speed disperser alone has a limited zone of influence in viscous products, so the low-speed blade is necessary to achieve a homogeneous mixture. When equipped with scrapers, the low-speed blade also aids in heat transfer. Multi-shaft mixers are sometimes used with low viscosity products when scraping the vessel wall is beneficial.

Applications: Used in the making of printing inks, sealants, caulks, hot melt adhesives, magnetic media slurry, creams, lotions, toothpastes, etc.

A Rotor Stator can also be used as the third shaft. The Rotor Stator provides mechanical and high hydraulic shear that is useful in the disintegration of solids into liquids or emulsification.

Features/Options Available

  • Sizes from laboratory units to 3500 gallons
  • Hoist or tank mounted configuration
  • Inverter driven motors
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel material of construction
  • Helical and anchor sweep low-speed blade and various high-speed blades available
  • Vacuum, pressure, or atmospheric operation
  • Electrical components for hazardous or safe environments
  • Built-Up Inverter

The HOCKMEYER Difference…

Our Multi-shaft mixers are designed by an experienced engineering staff incorporating information from customers, our own R&D Laboratory and data from decades of HOCKMEYER Multi-shaft mixers in service.

Our standard low-speed blades, for example, use a triangular cross-section, which is both strong and presents a wide profile for efficient mixing action. This design is stronger than a blade made from flat bar and easier to clean than a blade with circular structural elements. Our low-speed blades move product efficiently at relatively low peripheral speeds, and typically require less horsepower than our competition’s mixers. Lower tip speeds mean longer life for scrapers.

HOCKMEYER machines have a reputation for performance and reliability. That is by design.

Model H.S. HP/L.S. HP H.S. Blade Dia. H.S. Tip Speed FPM / L.S. Tip Speed FPM Holding Gal./Working Gal. Tank Diameter/Height (inches)
HHL-III-LAB 2/1.5 2 4500/267 2/1 9.25 x 17
HHL-III-10 5/2 4 4500/237 13/10 16 x 15
HHL-III-50 15/7.5 6 4500/242 60/50 26 x 26
HHL-III-100 25/10 8 4500/238 159/100-130 36 x 36
HHL-III-150 30/15 10 4500/275 215/130-180 42 x 36
HHL-III-250 40/15 10 4500/215 288/200-250 42 x 48
HHL-III-300 60/20 12 4500/244 376/250-300 48 x 48
HHL-III-500 60/20 14 4500/237 595/400-500 54 x 60
HHL-III-600 60/20 14 4500/262 734/500-600 60 x 60
HHL-III-800 75/25 16 4500/233 990/650-800 66 x 62
HHL-III-1000 75/25 18 4500/253 1190/850-1000 72 x 62


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