Dispersers and Agitators

HVIE Hoist Mounted [Economy] Disperser

The HVIE line of dispersers from Hockmeyer Equipment offers all of the quality and durability that Hockmeyer is known for, at a lower price point. The HVIE is a standard post mixer with air over oil lift, standard controls and is offered in explosion proof (XP) and non-explosion proof (TEFC) packages up to 50HP.

A Disperser is a single shaft mixer used to break apart or dissolve solid particles in a liquid. This is typically accomplished using a “saw tooth” blade rotating at high speed (approximately 5200 feet per minute peripheral speed). The blade imparts high shear forces to the ingredients being dispersed, breaking them apart. Through proper blade selection and sizing, a flow can be established that will repeatedly turn over the batch and yield a homogeneous product. Dispersers are most often used to mix low viscosity products such as paints.

Machine Features

  • Available in explosion-proof (XP) and non-explosion proof (TEFC) packages
  • Standard controls
  • Air-over-oil lift
  • Standard post mixer


  • Customer Testing-Applications Lab

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  • Test-To-Own Demo Program

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    Parts & Service

    The Hockmeyer Parts Department is fully stocked for quick turnaround on customer orders to minimize machine downtime.

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