Barry joined Hockmeyer Equipment Corp in 1984 when the company moved to North Carolina. He started as a machinist making parts for equipment in the machine shop and welding department, and later on took over plant maintenance and the lab when Hockmeyer started inhouse testing. He was responsible for the day to day operations of the lab, client visits for machine start-ups and customer training, Research and Development, and customer testing. Barry has been named on multiple patents for the Immersion Mill, NexGenTM Mill, NexGenTM Rotor Stator, Porous metal, and polymer screens for nano milling, and he also developed the HPAS 2000 particle analysis system.

He graduated from the College of the Albemarle with an Associate degree in Metallurgical Science, drafting, machining, and welding. He is a member of (Napim) National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers and (ACA) American Coatings Association. He has given multiple speeches for both organizations on particle reduction and media milling and published papers in PCI magazine, Coatings Technology, Ink World, and other technology journals.

Barry is motivated by the challenge to produce equipment that is on the cutting edge of technology. Driven to produce equipment that will produce coatings including inks, paints, automotive coatings, aerospace coatings and wood coatings with smaller particle sizes for stronger color, gloss, transparency, heat resistance, conductivity, weatherability, and appearance; faster than any other equipment on earth for the highest return on investment for our customers.

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