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HCPS Immersion Mill with sweep

Designed to process viscosities from 900 - 1.5 million cps and to utilize media from 0.1 - 2.0 mm, the HCPS is truly the world's most versatile mill. The HCPS Mill utilizes a separately driven sweep blade to ensure consistent product feed to the mill.

The HCPS Immersion Mill Design features an upper auger and interchangeable scraper blades. The “S” series is designed for processing high viscosity and/or highly thixotropic products up to 2 million cps.

Covered by one or more of the following patents: 5,184,783; 5,497,948; 5,820,040; 7,175,118; 7,559.493; 7,828,234; 7,883,036; 7,914,200; 8,182,133; 8,376,252; 8,733,677; 9,597,691 B1

Machine Features

  • Interchangeable single-arm sweep and helical sweep design
  • Keeps the side wall clear and improves heat transfer
  • Ideal for high viscosity products
  • Patented auger feeds high viscosity materials through the mill
  • Sweep easily removed for batch flexibility
  • Heat transfer is improved dramatically
  • One-step process means easier cleaning and less labor
  • Requires minimal operator interface
  • Processes very high particle solids-concentrate batches to improve milling efficiency
  • Patented sweep design simultaneously compresses and scrapes material against the tank wall to assist in deagglomeration and heat transfer
  • Safer; faster and greener than 3-roll mills
  • Ideal for: Thixotropic; Newtonian; High Density; Heat Sensitive products
Model HP Batch Size Min/Max (Gallons) Vessel (Diameter x Height) Media Volume (Liters) Weight (lbs)
Micromill 1 .75/1.5 5 x 6.5 50 ML 155
HCPS – ¼ 2 1.75/2 8.3 x 12 0.25 426
HCPS – 2.5 10 8/12 14 x 26 1 1110
HCPS- 5 25 35/55 24 x 36 4.5 2200
HCPS – 10 40 70/100 30 x 42 8 4000
HCPS – 20 60 150/220 40 x 48 18 4500
HCPS – 40 100 330/400 50 x 54 35 7250
HCPS – 60 150 430/550 56 x 60 46 12000
HCPS – 80 200 600/935 66 x 72 63 23000

Read our article The High Viscosity Immersion Mill to learn more about the HCPS.


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