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NEXGEN™ Vacuum Recirculation Mill

NEXGEN™ is the state of the art in particle size reduction. Rapid-flow vacuum immersion milling is designed to enhance efficiency and boost profits by reducing process times, increasing yields, and eliminating air entrapment. It facilitates faster, purer particle size reduction and deagglomeration without the hassle of air bubbles in the feedstock.

Design with portability in mind and for tight-fitting spaces. It's the most versatile mill in the market.

Hockmeyer’s NexGen vacuum immersion mill.

Immersion Milling Innovation at Its Best

Machine Features

  • Flexibility for various batch volumes
  • Hook up to any tank: portable or permanent
  • Sanitary fittings for fast and easy cleanup
  • High screen surface area to media ratio
  • Greater media field throughput than any mill on the market
  • Nanoparticle size capability
  • Easy cleanup and minimal waste with 99% product recovery
  • Wide range of screen sizes is available
  • Handles slurry up to 15,000 cps
Model recommended Batch Size Min/Max (Gallons) for maximum efficiency Media Volume (Liters)
Micromill 1 L/1 Gal. 49 ML
HNG-1 5/20 1
HNG - 2.5 15/50 2.25
HNG - 5 35/100 4.5
HNG-10 50/125 8
HNG - 20 150/400 18.5
HNG - 60 400/1000 46


While milling under vacuum, small amounts of air entrapped gas bubbles within the agglomerates begin to expand and push apart the solids. The air separates from the solids and begins to accumulate in the mill’s upper chamber. Once enough air accumulates, it is purged intermittently by the mill, returning to the supply tank and quickly rising to the top where it is released.

Learn how the HNG's Vacuum Milling Enables Purer, Faster Dispersions

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  • NEXGEN™ Vacuum Recirculation Mill


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