At Hockmeyer, we understand that every client’s business comes with its own unique issues. It’s this uniqueness that requires custom equipment and processes. But how do you know that a piece of equipment is a great fit for your needs? After all, it’s a big piece of your business and an investment in both time and money. For us, the answer is simple: Hockmeyer’s Test to Own Program.


We want our customers to be empowered knowing that the equipment will perform on their products, fits into their process seamlessly, and ideally remove steps to help create a leaner process. We also like to explore the following elements as they relate to our customer’s business:

  • Process time
  • Scale
  • Cleanability
  • Product loss
  • Ergonomics

In addition to the above, here is a deeper look at some important benefits of our process and our Test-to-Own Program.


The demand for high-quality products has raised the bar for manufacturers to enhance efficacy and efficiency in order to remain competitive. But when it comes to upgrading your equipment, the task is often daunting and leaves key decision-makers riddled with anxiety over the cost and risks associated with Capex purchases. With a test-to-own program, you can ease those nerves.

We encourage customers to schedule on-site tests at our applications laboratory to meet with our staff and develop and test new processes in the laboratory, pilot, and production equipment. This way, you stay informed each step of the process.


Once testing is completed and the equipment best suited for the application is identified, customers may initiate a Test-To-Own demo program to continue the testing process and establish the production parameters at their facility without making a long-term Capex commitment. For business owners, this means low up-front costs.


From power-house companies in printing inks, coatings, adhesives, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and specialty chemicals to upstart entrepreneurs, many have used the Test-To-Own Demo Program of Hockmeyer machines. But each industry has its own needs for data collection and internal testing.

Some prefer to gather data in their environment while others need extensive trials to validate new processes. This no-commitment evaluation period also allows decision-makers to attain operator buy-in through hands-on training and to secure financial support through data collection. Additionally, using Test-to-Own allows you to do:

  • Unlimited Internal testing
  • Closely monitored process validation
  • Hands-on operator training
  • Unrestricted data collection

For over 80 years, Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation has provided process solutions to clients around the globe. As a trusted brand in the wet grinding and dispersion industry, we design and manufacture mills and dispersers of the highest quality. Our team of dedicated and experienced engineers, manufacturing specialists, and process technicians strive to provide innovation and superior service to all clients. Contact us to learn more about the Test-to-Own program.

A Hockmeyer employee reviewing testing results.

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